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2017 Evaluation Criteria

Visual Display
(25 points)
·  All visual displays must be on one side of a 20” x 30” foam board. 
·  Displays will be judged on thoughtful and thorough responses to each of the required sections as well as content, organization and grammar, usage and mechanics.
·  Visuals such as graphs, sketches and diagrams can also be included to document the team’s design process, but all items must be attached to the board.
·  Visual Displays are required to be submitted for judging on the day of the Fly-Off.
·  See the Visual Display rubric for more details.

(25 points)
·  Student teams will answer questions regarding the team’s design process and the underlying scientific principles of the airplane. Supporting materials to document the work in progress are helpful but not required.
·  Student teams will be assessed on their understanding of scientific principles, completeness of answers, knowledge, poise, and preparation.
·  See the Interview rubric for more details.

Performance Demonstration
(50 points)
·  Fifteen points will be awarded to airplanes that fly successfully without cargo.
·  The remainder of the airplane’s performance score (35 points) will be pro-rated based on the amount of cargo carried.
·  The final performance score will be calculated as follows:

·  Airplanes that do not complete at least two consecutive, successful laps at a height greater than 20cm will earn a performance demonstration score of zero.
·  Airplanes with competition penalties may still compete, but will be ranked below those without violations.  Airplanes with construction violations will be given an opportunity to correct them before flying.
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