Writing grants can be difficult and time consuming.  Here's some help:
LEAF Overview (PDF)
LEAF Standards Alignment (PDF) 
LEAF Supplies Budget Suggestions (XLS)

Here are a few grants that might help you get funding for LEAF. If you know of any other good grants for our coaches, let us know and we will add them to the list!

Don't forget to read the eligibility requirements and grant windows for each grant before applying!

Air Force Association
Amount: $500
Catch: Only 40 awarded

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Amount: $250
Catch: Must be an AIAA member; K-12 formal/informal educators are free.  Join here.
Bonus: If you live in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon or Washington, the local PNW AIAA will match up to another $250.  Details are here.

ASM Materials Science Foundation
Amount: $500
Catch: Only 20 are awarded; Must have a materials science focus

Captain Planet ecoTech Grants
Amount: $500- $2,500
Catch: Must focus on environmental challenges, i.e. development of electric flight to reduce pollution, etc.

Harbor Freight- Giving Back
Amount: Tool Donation
Catch: Must be K-12 public education, veteran or fire/police Department

NEA Student Achievement Grant
Amount: $2000/ $5000
Catch: Must be an NEA member

NEA Learning and Leadership Grant
Amount: $2000/ $5000
Catch: Must be an NEA member; Must be used for Professional Development, i.e. Coaches Workshop

Walmart Local Community Grants
Amount: $250- $5000

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