Our Fly-Off is only successful with your help!

No experience is necessary and you do not need a STEM background to volunteer.  We will train you when you arrive 90 minutes prior to the fly-off.

Adults 21+ who are not affiliated with a registered team are appreciated!

Volunteer FAQ

How do I volunteer?
It's easy!  Just click the button on this page and complete the form. We will contact you one week prior to the Fly-Off with details of the event.  Can't wait that long?  Send us a note.

What experience do I need?
No experience (STEM or otherwise) is necessary.  We will get you up to speed when you arrive.  You just need to be an adult, age 21 or older, who does not have an affiliation with any of our competing teams.

When do I show up?
We ask our volunteers to arrive 90 minutes prior to the Fly-Off so that we can familiarize you with the event. 

What will I be doing?
Volunteer jobs will be assigned when you check in on the day of the Fly-Off.  If you have a preference, please let us know on your registration form and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

What kinds of jobs do volunteers do?
Depending on the game, our needs may change, but in general, these are the jobs that we need help with:
  • Flight Circle Judge- Organizes and runs the flight circle
  • Visual Display Judge- Assesses team visual displays
  • Airplane Inspection- Assesses that airplanes meet this year's design requirements
  • Team Check-In- Helps students and teams check in; helps with general event information
  • Scorekeeper- Enters and tracks team scores
  • Level-Up Verification- Verifies Team Packets to help teams earn a game advantage
  • Photographer- Takes pictures of the event; Must be willing to use your own digital camera and share the photos with us; Agrees to release ownership rights to any photos taken
  • Can't choose? Select "Assign Me as Needed" and we will place you in the area of greatest need.

For questions, please contact us!

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