Host a Workshop & Fly-Off

Is your company or organization interested in hosting a workshop and fly-off? Contact Us!

Coaches Workshop Facility Requirements

  • Capacity for 24-28 participants plus 2 instructors
  • Large space with tables and chairs for airplane construction and assembly (such as a classroom)
  • Space for at least one Flight Circle with a smooth floor (likely another room; flight circle needs at least 14 foot diameter plus extra space for safety)
  • Whiteboard, screen, projector and internet access

Student Fly-Off Facility Requirements

  • 5000 sq ft or larger space with a smooth floor and electrical power outlets (such as a school gymnasium)
  • Easels and designated area for student visual displays (presented on 20”x 30” foam boards)
  • Work tables for airplane repair (one for each team is ideal but not necessary)
  • Tables/Chairs for fly-off components; approximately 6 tables, 14 chairs
  • Screen, projector

To host a workshop and fly-off for your area, contact us!